Photography by Christopher Wilson

The Tallest 20 in 2020

Artist renderings on future skyscrapers


I wonder if I could take a disposable camera and mail it to someone to take a photo or two, and have them pass it along to someone else and so on. When the camera is done, have it sent back to me and see where the camera went. Maybe keep a list with it to give a city or location where the photo was taken. Hopefully it could go international. Just an idea, see if there would be interest?

If anyone wants to participate, or has any ideas to make this crazy idea work, please leave a note or send me an ask or something. Thanks!

I figure to make this work well, I’ll need at least 6 people, but the more the merrier.  It might work as well if I send the camera out with return postage and just keep mailing it to different people on a list?

International Food Court

International Food Court